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Slightly overcast with the wind lightly blowing, I decided that it was a good day for a hike. Heading home after work, I quickly changed clothes and started off to a trail nearby.

Upon arriving, I exited my car and trotted toward the trail-head. On my way, I stumbled across something shiny. After looking carefully, I discovered that it was a bracelet. There were little clock charms all around it. Intent on working out, I placed the piece of jewelry in my car to examine it later.

Following a very brief hike, I resolved that I’d head home to prepare dinner. Returning to my car, I studied the bracelet; snapped a picture and then left it in nature. I figured that maybe the owner would return to claim it. So I laid it neatly on a log close by.

Driving off, I knew that I didn’t discover the bracelet by chance. I asked the Holy Spirit to tell me its significance. He dropped in my heart Ecclesiastes 3:1: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.

Though I’m uncertain, at the moment, the deeper meaning of the item, I’m excited about what’s to come. I’ve purposed in my heart that this summer will be good, and good it will be!

Until next time,
Merely June


Paint Mines

I’ve practically neglected my blog. Not intentionally, it just hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind.

This year has been pretty groovy though! I turned another year older (the big 3-2!), received a promotion on my job, hiked some new trails and 3/5ths of my family came to Colorado!

I hope to make more time for writing. No, I will. I definitely will! Especially with school ending and summer approaching…

In the meantime, here are some pics from today’s hike!



20180330_133719.jpg20180330_143329.jpg– Merely June




2017 has been a year for which I have no adjective to express.  It has been a time of “stretching”…that is in a spiritual sense.  My life was uprooted and I stepped out in faith into what I believed God was calling me to.  I left work, family, friends and all that was familiar, to live in a place that I would never choose for myself.  Cold and snowy Colorado.  A place that I now call home for a season.  An area of the world where after crossing the state line, I absolutely fell in love. I felt as though I’d been a resident of the region all along.

I suppose that’s what it feels like when God says to do something and you say, “okay” rather than resist.  Some say that feeling is because you’re in the will of God…and where He guides, He provides.  I know, undoubtedly, the latter to be true. God has without doubt taken care of me.

Colorado is a beautiful exchange to Alabama; with the mountains and panoramic views.  The elevation took some adjusting to, but now, it’s all good.  The snow (and ice) I’m learning to drive in and I’m also learning how to layer.  The Lord is faithful! He knew the knowledge I lacked before sending me to the west coast.  I’m gaining new information constantly and have made new relationships that has helped with the transition.  I’m certain this season in Colorado will prepare me for whatever is next!

2018 I anticipate will be a year of more stretching and also new beginnings.  Leaving Alabama and entering Colorado marked a new time in my life.  I’m confident that even greater adventures lie ahead!

Recap of 2017:

January- Time spent with my Goddaughter and family. Delta Sigma Theta event. Flew to Los Angeles for ministry with spiritual mother and had the opportunity to see extended family!

DST gala with mom
Cali fam!

February- Traveled to South Carolina to move a friend from Mississippi.  Hiked Crowder’s Mountain in North Carolina.

Made it to the top of Crowder’s Mountain. 8mi

March- 31st birthday! Started on state sign bucket list getting pics with Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana! Saw Big Daddy Weave in concert.

In line for Big Daddy Weave!

April- Experienced Bethel in concert again! Saw my youngest sister off to prom.  God spoke to me about Colorado and I chopped off my hair!

Little sis going to Jr. Prom

May- Rode the Amtrak to Baltimore (bucket list item)! My granny went to be with Jesus. Traveled to Georgia. Put in my resignation!

Granny and I at my graduation celebration.

June- Took a job cleaning part-time.  Gave everything I owned away except what would fit in my car.  Left Alabama!

July- Traveled from Texas to New Mexico and landed in Colorado July 2.  Bunked in a hotel (adjusting to the altitude) for a week before moving (temporarily) into a friend of a friend’s apartment. Journeyed to Wyoming. Found a permanent place to live!

August- Moved into my new home.  Started work after a month of rest.  Explored Colorado and hiked many trails.

A stranger asked if I wanted my picture taken. Walking at the Garden of the Gods.

September- Started school at Charis Bible College.
October- Made new friends! First snow! Really began to miss my family.

Charis Bible College

November- Finished the first trimester of school, praise God! Traveled to Nebraska for Thanksgiving.

December- lots of video chat with family. Encountered a snow storm in Denver. New opportunities arose…promotion at work!  Resetting my mind for the new year.

It’s okay to look back at the past.  Just don’t stare.                  ~Benjamin Dover


Moving forwards.  Merely June.



20171126_141219709067235.jpgRather than having a traditional Thanksgiving of sorts, my spiritual mother and I headed to Nebraska for the holiday; a quick four hour drive from Colorado.

The ride there was fairly plain.  Not much to peer at besides livestock, wind turbines, stacks of hay and the open road. No traffic, stores or gas stations in sight.  Even spotting homes were few, far and in-between.


The objective of the trip, minus the avoidance of overeating, was to get a picture with the state sign.  This marker, for the year, adds nine!

Though I’ll have to work backwards to capture states formerly toured, I figure it’s a fun way to explore.  Next year, I intend to gather more! In addition to that, I look to set foot on a new continent! I’m excited about what the Lord has in store.

Until next time,
Merely June

Rock formations in Scottsbluff, NE

Bucket List

On 7/23/13, I created a bucket list on Pinterest. Though I’ve added pins over the years, I didn’t get serious about checking things off until the latter part of 2015. Now, nearing the end of 2017, I’m steadily working my way through the list!

In the past year, my travel opportunities have increased! I totally credit God for this happening. His linking me with my spiritual mother has certainly set me on my current path! 

Last year, I added “take a picture with every state sign” to my Pinterest bucket list. To date I’ve gotten 8 total.  Three are pictured in a previous post Just Drive

Out of all 50 states, I’ve frequented 15 thus far. I’ll have to backtrack in order to get the 7 missing signs. 

By the end of the year, I hope to visit at least one or two other states.  I’m definitely grateful and thrilled about the new adventures!



By the grace of God, we made it to Colorado. Being here feels nearly surreal…taking residency in the mountainous state. One things for certain, this is home for the next few years; maybe longer.

Getting here was an act of faith. Giving all my possessions away and uprooting from my home state. Moving 20 hours away from everything that’s familiar…family, friends and so forth. It’s worth it; however, to do what I believe God has called me to accomplish. Beginning study at Charis Bible College.

I’m thrilled about the new beginning. While there are many uncertainties and things to be learned, I’m up for the challenge and will rise to the occasion. I know the Lord will give me the grace to see me through.

This marks a new season in my life. I ascertain it will be my best yet.

To new endeavors,

Merely June


12 Days

In 12 days, I’ll begin a new adventure. Leaving Alabama for Colorado to later start school at Charis Bible College. A venture that I never anticipated. One that I’m thrilled, yet a wee bit nervous about. An endeavor that’s launching me into a new season…chartering new territory and embarking on new beginnings. 

Anxious or not, I’m going! One step in front of the other, I’ll move uncertain…of how God will place all the puzzle pieces together. He’s proven Himself thus far and will continue. One thing’s for sure, He’s a good good Father. I’m with Him and within me; therefore, going forwards I shall not fail. 

God’s already prepared the way for me. All my needs will be met and then some. 

Thankfully I won’t be making this journey alone. I’ll be accompanied by my spiritual mother who at the tender age of 75 will be going to school alongside me! We’ll be roommates and classmates! Boy, how wild this trip will be! 

I have a feeling countless “good times” are to come.  The rest of this year will be the best of this year! 

To be continued…

Merely June 


This is my first Mother’s Day away from home. Typically the occasion is spent in Alabama making preparations with my sisters. We may fry fish after church or cook whatever mom has a taste for. We watch movies, share laughs and cherish the time given as family. That’s truly mom’s one desire.  To use each gathering creating memories. Nothing fancy per se, only simplicity. 

This Mother’s Day I’m in Baltimore with my spiritual mother. Not my birth mother, but another mother nonetheless. God revealed to me that I have many mothers. He’s given them to me in varying seasons of life for protection, provision, wisdom and guidance. An answer to my own mother’s prayer…that God would put people in places to watch out for me wherever I go. It just so happens that they end up being mothers. 

I’m grateful for that prayer because on- the-go is becoming a new normal. I’m also thankful for the memories built with my family. I’ll need them in days to come. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all women who mother. For those grieving the loss of a mother, love and peace to you.  

Mom! Dolphin cruise in Orange Beach, AL.
Spiritual Mom! Amtrak station in Hattiesburg, MS in route to Baltimore!