To think that it’s March already and my 31st birthday is just right around the corner!  To date, this year has been quite productive.  Filled with highs and some unexpected lows…all in all the peaks are outweighing the valleys.

It started off in January with a trip to California.  My spiritual mother was invited to minister at a church in the Long Beach area and I accompanied her to sing.  Welcomed warmly to the region, new connections were established and standing relationships were revitalized.  I gained the opportunity to spend time with family and Oma relived moments with a longtime friend.  The stay, in my opinion, was cut far too short.  The brief stint in the state was thoroughly enjoyed.  I foresee that I’ll travel west again soon.

grandma-annie-and-ayanna family-3

In February, we set off to Rock Hill, SC with the assignment of “moving Patty”.  A friend who once lived in Long Beach, Mississippi, transitioned to South Carolina to take on a new profession.  The move, while long, progressed smoothly.  Finishing rapidly allowed time for new exploits.

Crossing the state line and journeying into North Carolina, Crowders Mountain was next on the agenda.  Frequenting the state many times in the past, the Charlotte region was uncharted territory.  Viewing the mountains in the distance and fast approaching our destination, passions were certainly awakened.  Feeling “one” with nature I anticipated the trek.  The task: an 8 mile hike.


Starting the course full speed ahead, was not the wisest of decisions.  Propelled by enthusiasm, little did I know that I would soon lose momentum.  Maneuvering through the course, was rocky mixed with an array of smoother courses.  At points losing breath, there were several stops ahead where I’d stop and soak in the scenery.


Still moving forwards, I begin to think, “what in the heck did I get myself into?!”. “You shouldn’t have started out so strong!” the self talk at this point was on overload.  I pleaded to God “Lord, help me go on. I’m not about to have a heart attack in this forest”.  Besides, I was in the midst of good friends and I’ll be darned if they see me cower!

Passing hikers, we reached the uphill course, I was almost to my destination…


A few more strides and I’ll reach the other side…


The view…was totally worth it.

Encouraged by the recent accomplishment, I gratefully received my second wind.  I’d certainly do it all over again.  Yes, I’d assuredly do it again.

Until next time, the next venture up is Baltimore. Unless I gain the opportunity to explore elsewhere prior. This year is going to be a great one.  I feel it in my bones.  With some hard choices to make, I don’t expect it to be breezy…it will; however, be a memorable one.


Merely June



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