Yesterday I needed to drive. To simply go. To do something impromptu. To break the mundane and deviate from my typical schedule. 

Being a Sunday, that normally equates to church. Whether greeting parishioners by passing out bulletins or teaching toddlers about Jesus…either praising the most high with like-minded believers, church is the traditional go-to. Not this day;  however…

I woke up at my mom’s house from a weekend celebration, further observing my birthday with a knowing that I wasn’t going to church. I got up, got dressed and set out for I-10 westbound. I’d contemplated only going to the beach, but quickly decided against it. With laundry in my backseat and perishable items on hand, I mulled over dropping the items off at home,  but knew if I did, I’d get comfortable and stay. So I persisted to drive. 

The good thing about my state (good ole Alabama) is that in either direction the bordering state is only hours away. Mississippi was up first, then Louisiana. 

I’d added to my bucket list some time ago to take a picture with all the state signs. This requires back tracking to say the least, but I figured it’d be a fun feat. 

Stopping at the Mississippi sign,  a family before me exited their vehicle. Giving them space, I stood a ways away…(you never know about people nowadays). Before they left, we made an exchange and they volunteered to take my portrait. Before long we both hurried on with the next target at hand. 

Initially I was only going to drive through Mississippi…find a spot, hang out and go home. With Louisiana only an hour away, I decided carry on.  

Stopping at the Louisiana sign was a bit frightening in part. I kept envisioning an 18 wheeler flattening either me or my car. With the cars whipping by, it was quite a rush! Louisiana marker, accomplished!

With about 30 minutes away,  I’d be in one of my favorite cities. N’awlins! Since childhood I’d frequented the area. With its faster pace, southern twang and delectable etoufee…New Orleans is certainly a special place. 
Canal street underway, I found a parking space and headed to the Riverwalk. Attempting to take a selfie, a nice woman bid to help. I accepted graciously, in hopes that the pic would fare great!

After saying my thank yous, I walked along for approximately an hour or more. I was grateful I came. It ended up being such a lovely day. All it took was a little gas in the tank and a bill to cover parking. I must say…this randomness I should do more often. 

Now it was time to go home. After driving through two states, I’d reached my stay. I look forwards to doing this another day.

Merely June


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