This is my first Mother’s Day away from home. Typically the occasion is spent in Alabama making preparations with my sisters. We may fry fish after church or cook whatever mom has a taste for. We watch movies, share laughs and cherish the time given as family. That’s truly mom’s one desire.  To use each gathering creating memories. Nothing fancy per se, only simplicity. 

This Mother’s Day I’m in Baltimore with my spiritual mother. Not my birth mother, but another mother nonetheless. God revealed to me that I have many mothers. He’s given them to me in varying seasons of life for protection, provision, wisdom and guidance. An answer to my own mother’s prayer…that God would put people in places to watch out for me wherever I go. It just so happens that they end up being mothers. 

I’m grateful for that prayer because on- the-go is becoming a new normal. I’m also thankful for the memories built with my family. I’ll need them in days to come. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all women who mother. For those grieving the loss of a mother, love and peace to you.  

Mom! Dolphin cruise in Orange Beach, AL.
Spiritual Mom! Amtrak station in Hattiesburg, MS in route to Baltimore! 

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