In 12 days, I’ll begin a new adventure. Leaving Alabama for Colorado to later start school at Charis Bible College. A venture that I never anticipated. One that I’m thrilled, yet a wee bit nervous about. An endeavor that’s launching me into a new season…chartering new territory and embarking on new beginnings. 

Anxious or not, I’m going! One step in front of the other, I’ll move uncertain…of how God will place all the puzzle pieces together. He’s proven Himself thus far and will continue. One thing’s for sure, He’s a good good Father. I’m with Him and within me; therefore, going forwards I shall not fail. 

God’s already prepared the way for me. All my needs will be met and then some. 

Thankfully I won’t be making this journey alone. I’ll be accompanied by my spiritual mother who at the tender age of 75 will be going to school alongside me! We’ll be roommates and classmates! Boy, how wild this trip will be! 

I have a feeling countless “good times” are to come.  The rest of this year will be the best of this year! 

To be continued…

Merely June 


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